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This is what Joe and Reece have to say about their wonderful paint!



We are Joe and Reece, also known as "The Cornish Furniture Painters'' and we are the very proud owners of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. We have a family owned business and Cornish Milk Paint Shop based in the beautiful Coastal village of Saint Agnes, Cornwall.

Our journey for creating our own unique Mineral Paint brand started in 2015. Being professional furniture painters for the past nine years, it has always been our dream to own our own UK based mineral paint line and to offer our customers a truly amazing paint formula which was like no other paint they had ever used.


Our main inspiration for Cornish Milk came from traditional powdered Milk Paints, which were a favourite of ours to use on painted furniture, and this was because Milk Paints achieved a finish that was flat back to the grain, produced no brushstrokes, are once cured became ultra durable and the pigments used for the colours were unlike anything we had seen before, each colour was vibrant and authentic. So we set out on creating our own liquid mineral based paint formula that would replicate everything we loved about milk paints, but our paint would be eco friendly, made from only natural raw ingredients and would also be Vegan, because our paint is a ''Mineral'' paint and not a ''Milk'' paint, so would not contain any Milk proteins, making our brand great for everyone to use.


All our Mineral paints are lovingly handmade in the United Kingdom by a small family owned paint manufacturing company, whom take pride and passion in the paints they create. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has been inspired from our love of Cornwall and we believe we have created a paint formula that uses the finest Cornish earth pigments to create authentic and outstanding colours which we believe is like no other paint we have ever used before.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is eco Friendly, Vegan, made from natural ingredients and contain very little VOC's, which make our Paints perfect for the whole family to use and they are safe for your children and pets too.

''No cow's were harmed in the making of Cornish Milk Mineral Paints''



When we first started creating Cornish Milk Mineral Paint's we knew that we wanted to create a Green and Eco Friendly Business. We wanted to not only make a difference to our planet but we also wanted to be the first paint brand to change the way we used packaging.

We designed Cornish Milk Mineral Paint's packaging to be as unique as our paint formula, because all our Mineral Paints are potted in high-grade ''Milk'' Cartons which are 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. Unlike other Paint brands who use Plastic tubs and metal tins, our packaging has been made from recycled hard woods and cards which produce 75% less C02 emissions to produce and will not harm our environment, making our planet and future safer. You simply clean out our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint cartons after use, flat pack and put into your recycling bins to be recycled. The white clips which come with each tub of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint are also bio-degradable and recyclable, they safety seal your paint once the carton has been opened, producing an air tight seal, protecting your paint while not in use.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is and will forever be a Green business, as we are passionate about protecting our environment and planet.

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